It’s a wrap 2021

hello good people ,how are you? I am doing great on my end. my 2021 couldn’t have been any better without you my usual fans. without you I wouldn’t have had the visits to my page I always have. this year I received a congratulation from word press for having a thousand views on my blogs. That shows that I have been reaching mases, your contribution to this page is very important and essential since it shows my writings and escapades are being seen by my fans.

Cool places

lets talk about 2021, was it fun and adventure for you? for me it was a mix between fun and growth. fun since I had the privilege’ to visit cool places and enjoy the ambience of different hotels. one that catched my breathe was CJs in Nairobi, if you are interested in having dinner with your partner its the place to be. you will enjoy the city view at night. another cool place I totally would recommend is morrings in mtwapa Mombasa. The hotel is suited in a cabin like hotel and is on top of water. The ambience is so romantic at night and the meals are so finger licking delicious. The last place i can recommend is jumeirriah hotel in Mombasa , in this hotel you have the chance of viewing the ocean as you enjoy your meals with your better half or family.

Self reflection

I am grateful for the new people and friends I made this year, you people are the reason for my being. unlike 2020 of being in depression and feeling so unworthy. 2021 gave me a better view about myself ,another perspective of life that I never had. although my dreams and stars did not align im so happy to be here with amazing people. 2021 unlocked a version of me that i was in my days in campus ,the bubbly young girl came out and indeed i lived my days to the fullest.


This year also marked my third anniversary with my personal person. This son of woman is my biggest supporter in this life. He always hits me with the truth even when its no good to my ears, I bagged my self a lifetime bestfriend. Not to say that he is perfect nope he is nothing close to perfect but his imperfections gives me a assurance that none of us should be perfect . I wouldn’t have believed that I would be here doing life with this amazing human. We have our shares of “those days” we argue but most importantly we work on our differences with communication and love . I never knew that one day I’ll find a man that understands date nights exists and a woman should not cook 24/7. This son of a woman gives FOREHEAD kisses mad , I thank God I received not half but an amazing human.


I am grateful for my friends , one thing for sure is that they will always come through for me . My friend Ann is always a text away , my other friend Shah is a call away and I have my other friend Barbie. This girls have made my 2021 amazing can’t wait for the days we will all have our lives in order for now we are juggling with adulting with no manual . But so far so good with my girls we are doing amazing.


I am grateful for my mother , the one that holds our family together. My mother is the best thing that has ever happened to us . This year I had countable times I went home . Not often though but thank God for the phones that we have . My relationship with my sister’s has not been that great but I promised myself to free myself from hate and fights that seems to rob my peace of mind. I engage less with my sister’s and alot more with just one . Come 2022 I pray to work on my relationship with my siblings

2022 I am so ready for what you have to offer …let’s do this

Happy new year my fans!


Msambweni beach.

Sitting on my writing desk reading Think like a monk , but I’m in deep thoughts of how we are already in December. I just submitted my work and it hit me right in the gut feels that the clock is ticking like a time bomb. I began this year on a high note with no idea of what I’ll do with my life . I joined writing and so far so good I am getting my feet and giving my best at work . I was afraid of one city then I got afraid of another full of water and hot dripping sun .

It has been 2 months in this beautiful sunny city. At first I had mixed feelings about coming to this place since the last time I was here the weather decided to alter with my hormones. The last time I was here was in 2019 and I almost died because of hormonal imbalance . I thank God because I’m standing here today only because he took charge. Yet still I’m here and the condition hit hard last month , I am not stressed whatsoever but the weather did it again. I’m on my daily dose to get my blood count back .I have days when the headache hits hard, I run short of breathe, I see blackout when out in the sun and tired and sleepy 24/7. Not to forget the fatigue I get from doing absolutely nothing. The doctor says you are anaemic work on eating healthy and taking your meds. I’ve been doing that and for now the situation is not as bad as it was.

December , just kicked in high with bells ringing Christmas. I miss going home for Christmas with a family that is United . Nowadays family is broken and the only person I look forward to see when going home is my mother. The rest is just a hello and I dive deeper in my phone. Home is no longer a place I joyfully played and enjoyed the ambiance it had. Anyways I am ready to go and enjoy the celebration irregardles. I’ll find my happy somewhere within me . I hope you enjoy your holidays and the rest of the month

Untill next time bye!

Cravings of my fiction

one day I’ll get the man that will listen to my opinions,he will follow what I say or contradict in A loving manner.
I will find him

I will get myself a man that doesn’t shout at me and respects me and my decisions. This Simba will be proud of me even on absolutely nothing in particular.
I will find him

He will worship me and the ground I stand on. Although I’m not God I’ll be his demigod. The man that I will be free with and endlessly talk about the negative thoughts in my mind because he is not judgy neither will he think of me as a pessimist or boring
I will find him

I will get myself a man that we get to do videos together just to track memories,he will be my personal photographer and my monster in bed. He will help me grind and make money to Chop life together
I will find him

He will listen to my endless meaningless stories and he will find me funny and outgoing. He will knock the shyness outta me and let me touch his dick whenever and without hesitation I will give mind blowing heads.
I will find him

This guy will take  care of me ,with my emotions and will care to ask why I’m silent and apologize for the mistake he never did. This man will take me to his people and will not care about the unnecessary pressure the family will give he will own up and say this is the woman I choose .
I will find him

When I get to find him ,I will love and respect my man. He will come second to none. This man will let me go through his phone because he will have nothing to hide . This man will not admire other girls nyash or lips because he will be content with my lil ass, because I’m her lil mama. This man will not talk to his ex because he knows that he already closed the chapter. This man will not be friends with his ex’s because he knows what that leads to. This man will make Vic his best friend ..
I will find him.

Dear younger self..

hey my fans, its been a minute since i wrote to you in this space. been quite a struggle juggling life ,adulting it is. Although i wouldn’t be an ungrateful swine, I acknowledge the blessings received. God is presently present in my life,that I proudly testify. In just a blink of an eye we are here in september ,time has been tic tocking. I just turned 24 in June and since then my life has been taking a new turn.

I have had access to freedom and with which I have been cautious to use it wisely. my mother is not around to remind me to go to church, my elder siblings are not around to remind me to work my ass around to make sure the house is tidy. I have been more responsible for my actions . I have felt a sense of growth in my choices and decisions.

Friendships and relationships, I have had a fair share with it, some being all rosy and thorny at the same time. I have had the right to up and leave tables, conversations that seem not to serve me as they should. with this age also I got to learn the dynamics of business, you know that profit and loss bit? I have gone below and above to make sure my business stays afloat. I have been partly doing academic writing as well. writing gave me a proper development since sometimes I was blank on how to go on and about with what to write but at the end of the day, I’d make sure that the 10-page paper is done and submitted. I wholly thank lily for teaching me the dynamics of writing all I can say is I have been able to make some cash that kept me going. I openly believe that writing has a way of expanding your mind and how you think, and see things. I have been leveling up in my life yet still clinging to my dreams and which is why I have still been applying for jobs, I have gone to quite a several interviews but before my stars align I will still keep using my hands to get buoyancy in this life.

I was inspired to write this blog by my favorite young Kenyan influencer her name is wabosha maxine. I am her fan and recently she turned 25 and did a podcast interviewing the people that she look up to. so i’ll sketch a letter to my younger self too. There is not much or so much i would want to address myself but better yet I’m still young and still learning on the way and how things are supposed to be done.

Fast forward; dear young chelimo I hope this letter sits well with you. Its okay to be naïve and anxious about how the future will turn out to be , but darling don’t kill yourself overthinking situations and how life will unfold. be in the moment ,enjoy the now that is there.

Secondly, nobody owes you anything in this life, work with low expectations of everything and everyone. expectations breeds disappointments and dissatisfaction and i know that you will learn this as you grow.

work on your self esteem and confidence, for there is no glory in shyness. dear girl be bold, be fierce, be content and above it all be aggressive and a go getter. nobody will teach you this anywhere but learn to silence the small nay saying voices in that head. have a vision and work towards achieving that it may take ages to come but be clothed in hope that one day you will live your dreams

Love yourself mama, love yourself with all your being for this will only make you strong enough in relationships and friendships. dear young chelimo its only self love that will open your third eye and make you see that you are enough. if relationships end be content that you are enough for yourself and not to the person that decides to end the relationship.

Believe in yourself and be kinder to you. because look at you! it might be blurry “the vision of the future” but be kind to find peace that everything will work together for your good.

There is power in asking for help. dear mini chelimo, don’t shy off asking for help and there is where you get power by learning something new or getting the weight lift off your shoulders.

Take naps!, damn no one ever told you this but there is power in naps. Be in that power nap ,its therapeutic girl. when you wake up from that nap you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated as well. This is also one of the ways to take care of yourself mentally and health wise.

Lastly stay single!, you will learn a lot when you spend time alone and not hoping from relationships to entanglements. There is power in being single in your younger days. you will unlock a level of independence that you never know. There is nothing as sweet as being independent of your life choices.

until next time bye


my favorite paradox has to be “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that is counted ,COUNTS

Let's talk

A paradoxe is the opposite of a fact or a characteristic like for example : : YOU LIKE TO BE ALONE AND HATE TO FEEL LONELY… Life is full of paradoxes some of mind-blowing truths in life are paradoxes.

So let’s have a look at these 5 of my favorites life’s paradoxes.


Facing your fears in life it’s so important to your future soul So if you want to do a thing and you postpone it because of fear i think it’s time to force ahead PRESS ON.


In any relationship in life whatever is love relationship or friendship……. You should be your first love / your first bestfriend so that you can share that cherish love with others.


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This is my solemn vow!

The pandemic has really overstayed it’s visit it’s time it brings back the freedom that we used to enjoy. Although things may seem to get back to its normal place slowly but the process feels like it’s dragging itself. How are you my great fans? How are we even in August now? I hope you are catching up well . Please read my last blog through this link.

Weekends are for weddings!. The first weekend of August I got to attend and also be part of the bridesmaids. Our friend Winnie and her now husband Victor were our deal for the day. I got to know Winnie through my personal person . First encounter was when I was coming to Nairobi I had an interview with the SOS children NGO organisation. I had no where to stay that time and Winnie offered a place to lay my head. she was welcoming and she let me meet her brothers and inlaws. I thank God that at Winnie place I got to attend the interview in my quest to find a job.

Fast forward to her wedding ,the plans were underway since last year. I remember Winnie mentioning she was planning to have her wedding 2021 August. In an African set up and culture we all know that cars must peep! peep!,women must alililili!,and cows must moo! Moo! Moo! For one to officially take the woman and officiate the union in church. All this was done before the wedding of Winnie. She had kept herself waiting on her husband and the wedding,this is so commendable considering a society that hails in “come we stay”. The plans were that we all get to share the piece of heaven that Winnie and Victor had and by that they wanted it to be as simple as possible. Our dresses as brides maids was simple decent and also we had no accessories on . The likes of earrings,bangles,necklaces this is the protocols that the seventh day Adventist church follow religiously see below.


Winnie’s gown was a simple gown,easy to walk in and also comfortable.” You will make a beautiful bride”,indeed Winnie looked angelic in the white regalia. On the dawn of Sunday 1st August we woke up early to make sure that we get to church on time that is by 10 am. Our make up artist was all geared up with her tools to make us look Fantamagorgeous( If this is the word😂).we had a morning photo shoot in a cultural lessos see bellow.

The preparation was set and our bride was also prepared and ready. The bridegroom and his men arrived ready to pick the bride as we head to church. The cars were decorated and they all were appealing to thy eyes. The convoy was headed to the church to seal that which God had planned.

As we arrived at the church we were received warmly by the Christians. All were watching patiently,and lovingly. We matched our way in holding flowers in our hands and walking down the aisle with a wedding instrumentals. We all sat and we waited for the bride and the parents walk her in to church. The groom also walked down the aisle with his parents waiting to meet her long life wife. The pastor who was to officiate the wedding was present and the preachings was all about marriage and how to stay in love for ever. Respect and protection was the duties Victor was to take,while submission,love and respect was for Winnie. One thing I took home with me from the preachings was “marriage is supposed to be enjoyed not ” kuvumilia” if the relationship shifts to worse get up and know what to do. Victor read his vows to his bride and in return the bride did the same. After which they now signed their marriage certificate. As from then they were pronounced husband and wife . One instant that wowed! Me was the piece of fine art that Victor directed the pastor and Winnie as they spray painted their piece of art and signed. That was a piece of art they will forever remember in their house. Everytime they would look at the wall hanging they would see their wedding day. After the union was officially sealed we all headed to Karlo grounds which was the reception.

We entered the grounds and we were received in kisii traditional songs. The decor was beautifully set up and was appealing to the eyes. We danced and danced as we entered the reception. I really enjoyed see below

Happy 😌

Winnie and Victor danced and we also ate a sweet mint cake. The food was delicious I ate to my fullest. They then received gifts from family and friends. This wedding remains the best part of my 2021. Now that we are only 4 months to the year ending. I thank Winnie and Victor for allowing us be part of their wedding. may the good lord make your marriage colourful, joyful, successful and may he bring abundance in your life.

Secret spell but an open book

Being an ambivert is the tussle in-between being an extrovert and introvert at the same time. This means that you don’t lean on one wall because you are neither here or there. Today ill share the signs that you are an ambivert or for that matter you are selectively social.

observant– this is when you analyze and then try to understand and gauge whether the other person deserve to know you or its best that you don’t open yourself too much. this happens especially when you are meeting people for the first time.

picky– this is when you get to decide who are going to be your friends. after the socialization phase you get to settle for the friends that you are comfortable hanging out with. In short you prefer quality over quantity.

personal space– to identify this is that you like to spend time with yourself. with the personal space you enjoy your own company. this personal space is a piece of heaven to you and you identify it with being in your comfort zone. I like to think that a room with your friends and also an empty room an ambivert doesn’t mind either of them.

social gathering-usually social gathering is not your thing but you enjoy it to the fullest if the people you identify yourself with are also in the crowd.

personalities- an ambivert has several personalities. a person may think they know you as being talkative but the other party will tell them that ” not really ,that person is reserved”. one person may think they know you but they only know a fraction of the different personalities that you have.

conversations– in conversations you don’t actually initiate conversations with people. An ambivert will just stay observant and decide how to fit in. once they are comfortable they will not stop talking the conversations will flow.

Self esteem!

Incase you self reject,love and light💡

🎶love all your ways ,love you on those “I don’t know where to start days”,love yesterday , everyday love yourself always.

This song by Tatiana always hit me on every self doubt I carry about myself. It’s been a year plus of listening to this jam and everytime I do it lifts my soul it mends ,my heart and makes me courageous in a typa way.

Growing up I have always been that shy girl and standing out to a crowd or even at home asking for something was always a huge task. I hail from a family where my dad was a simba and my mum the lioness she was. I mean the strictness that sorrounded the environment at home was worse. Everytime we would sit and wait to be scolded for something that we never knew was a mistake. I was always prepared to be scolded by my dad or mum depends on who figures it out first.

Having siblings that are loving and not bully’s is a blessing. In our home my big sisters were bully’s for sure. They would force me to do stuffs that would lead me to scolding from my parents. I was always the child that is always on the wrong side everytime this really deprived me of my self esteem. I grew up feeling not worthy enough of any praise. To feel better about myself I decided to engage in church activities. I found solace in taking part as an alter girl the polite one that doesn’t even know to stand up for herself. Church made me have that humble Aurora. I served mass but I never took the initiative to even read a the bible in church because my voice would shake and my heart would race forget the tum tum drums we used to write in our composition in primary.

The churchy’ness proceeded to highschool. I still found solace in serving mass as an alter girl. I was always still shy but I covered it up. I started taking roles as prayer leader which needed me to lead prayers. I enjoyed doing it because slowly I started gaining a little bit self esteem. by leading you have to have a VOICE. I also was given the liturgical leader role ,I had to organize who will take part in the bible reading for the sermon,ensure the church alter is set. I joined the wildlife club and also the hockey club. Still with all this activities a part of me was always self rejecting and self doubting my abilities.

Self esteem issue is something I am still handling and dealing with. I have courage within me but in ways I can’t explain there is always that part inside me that keeps shouting ” you are not good enough'” . My friends may doubt this but honestly when I’m around people I’m comfortable with I talk and be the loudest and when with new people and unfamiliar faces my heart goes pitta patta pitta patta and I can’t hold a sane conversation. to notice this I can’t maintain eye contact, and my words will always be one word ,yes/no or yeah. I like to think of myself as being an Ambivert.

Self esteem has made me loose job opportunities since I cannot ace those interviews and be the best version of myself during the interview. I always practice before interviews you should see me😅 I loathe interviews but yet I need a job so I have to go in with the practice. At this stage in my life I am self practicing and self accepting myself the way I am . I read books on how to overcome self esteem issues. I always watch youtube channels from those that give tips on how they overcame. In short I am on my way to build some confidence in me. Sometimes I get busy,but my busy is silencing irrational voices and thoughts inside my head. Always in a fight but I know positively that I will be victorious like my name says.

Have you ever had self doubt or self esteem issues?? Please share with me and please give tips on how you always stay confident .

Untill next time bye!

It’s Coded..

We all love it when we stay a mystery right? . We let the other person figure out what we mean by the words we use. This has been my behaviour since time immemorial. I find it very comforting not telling someone what they need to hear ,if they are reaching out for my consent about something. Although this behaviour irks the other person but it’s woman-ish and has been on-going as ages passes .Today I’ll share what words we ladies like to use that means the complete opposite.

1. Fine.

This word is used as a finality when in an argument.its used to end an argument for instance if you and your personal person are arguing over something and they come off to quickly as “it’s fine”. This means that she knows for a fact that she is on the right side while you are on the wrong. She won’t try to pursue you further or explain to you why she is right she will just cut you off so that you can figure it out on your on. I am guilty as charged on this word,I always use it at least twice a week because the sons of Ng’aa think they are always right ,of which they later realize they are not.

2. Go ahead

This right there is a warning and a dare. It’s mostly used when you ask your significant other if you can spend time with another female be it a friend or a colleague. We always use this word as a dare that go ahead and do whatsoever you are going to do or asking permission for. If it happens you seek her consent to go out,you will be surprised at how the answer is short and precise but literally its a dare. Refrain from doing that which you were asking permission for,unless you are an Alpha and the lady means nothing special to you😂


This is the mother of all the hidden meanings. When your lady is upset and you are trying to find out why they are sad or amused and they decide to say that it’s nothing. That right there is something brother. There is something bothering her but she doesn’t find a reason why you are not aware that she is upset. To be on the safer side just reminisce on the things that you said or did before you noticed the change of behaviour. Better still you can try to apologize first and then she will unfold the reason why she is upset. If you are romantic enough take her to her favourite place 😂. I mean note if you are ROMANTIC enough.

4. Wow!

This has to be my second or first favourite word that I like to sarcastically use. This is used often to show how amazed one is . Being amazed that how a whole human being can be so dumb or stupid. You may think that we like what you are telling us but its quite the opposite. Another thing you should note while having a conversation or argument the lady may exclaim as wow! Or wow just wow! This right there is a hint that whatever you said is very dumb you may redeem yourself but whatever you said is said you can’t take back your words. Deal with your situation manly enough.


From the sound of this word you can gauge that the person is either upset or not interested at all with what you decide to do. In short it means screw you whatever you will do it’s up to you ,and whatever you do consider her because this will lead to her being more mad. I mean just retrieve your mission and ask her what she really wants if she doesn’t give her opinion go ahead with your plan but holding considerations at heart for her.

6. That’s okay
It’s never okay brother never ever!. This is used when you are having arguements or you did something bad to her so she uses this words to mean that she is thinking hard of payback time. Her payback will be way worse than that you already unleashed to her. Be scared and very worried 😂. Sorry not sorry but this is the reality of it . However they say that it’s okay not to be okay but I’m here to let you know if your lady tells you it’s okay when in an argument just know pay back will be fire.


Today I am lending this space to the great works by Simba by Mufasa. I like his content and whatever his writings are I am a huge fan and I think y’ll should visit his page .

The last time I travelled to my mothers’ rural home was two years ago. It is a jolly long time I know, but I have my reasons. my grandparents are still together to this date. It is a trait I noticed across their generation. There is something magical about the longevity our grandparents union that subsequent generations are finding hard to emulate. my grandfather is an angel I totally like to think of him as that. he is the most sarcastic human being i ever met. Sometimes they are just downright hurtful, the thing he says. as a young boy growing up and visiting them during the holiday, grandpa could say somethings that made the room grow colder than it really was. immediately he would find something funny to interject and make the whole room lively and happy which changes the whole mood of the people in the room. The old man is an enigma.

my grandmother on other hand got tired of his shenanigans. she knew him to well, nothing seemed to get to her. she had become immune to his sarcasms. I reminisce this one time he cracked a joke which made my cousins and I laugh our lungs out. she stood there looking at us indifferently and amused that we find the jokes of the old man funny. she watched us until we finished laughing. she then blessed the meal and then we had dinner. I was too young to understand and comprehend their love then.

there is a love that manifest itself after you spend a big chunk of your life with someone. it is not passionate as our young love , that we light and dim amongst ourselves at will. it is not demanding it is just there to be given and received in equal measure. my grandma with all her aloofness, would ensure that he had his bath wear ready ,his food served and his quarters cleaned. she loved this man with every ounce of her being. they are the definition of love.

In comparison to the current era, our fathers would rather go out and spend time and money with girls the age of their daughters. vows have lost meaning and we do not value marriage. We have left the organs that differentiates our sexes do the thinking on our behalf( Sad). imagine growing old with the same person you said i do to. watching the wrinkles adorn both your faces and still keep the love going strong, until you can leave it all to the kids. isn’t it magical? I dare you to make it work when you finally find your soulmate. It wont be easy ,but it will be one hell of a story ,don’t you think?

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